Thursday, February 16, 2012

OBJ 5.9 Fish Farming

Explain the methods which are used to farm large numbers of fish to provide a source of protein, including maintenance of water quality, control of intraspecific and interspecific predation, control of disease, removal of waste products, quality and frequency of feeding and the use of selective breeding.
1. Attractive features of fish:
  • low fat
  • high protein 
  • efficient at turning their nutrient into fish mass 
2. Fish farming advantages:

  • we can control quality of water (clean) 
  • we can control predators 
  • can reduce pests 
  • can reduce bacteria/disease
3. By controlling all these factors, we can contribute to an increase in yield of fish.

4. But where there is there high density of fish --> you get a transmission of disease

5. This leads to farmers using Antibiotics ( a concern to human health) and the high density of fish also means that pests become common ---> farmers use Pesticides --> concern to human health. 

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