Thursday, February 16, 2012

OBJ 5.8 Industrial Fermenter

Interpet and label a diagram of an industrial fermenter + explain suitable conditions 

Aseptic precautions:
- a pipe filled with steam is fed into the fermenter in between sessions to sterilize the fermenter

- at the start of the process, nutrients are fed in through pipes which can be opened or closed using valves.

Optimum Temperature and PH: (there is a sensitive prob for each)
- Fermentation produces heat, so to prevent the contents from overheating , the fermenter is surrounded by a water jacket in which water circulates, keeping the temperature at the best level for growth. 

- The PH of the contents can be adjusted by adding acid or alkali to keep it constant. 

Oxygenation and Agitation: 
- In the center of the fermenter there are stirring paddels which mix the contents - this keeps the microorganisms in suspension in the liquid so that they get more exposed to the nutrients that are fed in. And the agitation helps keep the temp even throughout the fermenter.


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    Just wondered, which part of the last point is oxygenation & which part is agitation?