Saturday, February 18, 2012

5.15a Genetically Modified Plants

Evaluate the potential for using genetically modified plants to improve food production(illustrated by plants with improved resistance to pests)

Eg: maize 

a) Maize damaged by 
cork borer larvae --> reducing crop yield by 20%


a) The existence of a Bacteria called  "BT." It contains a chromosome with a gene, that when switched on it produces "Bt" toxin. 

b) BT toxin kills the cork borer 


a) The DNA from the BT gene is cut with restriction enzymes to isolate the desired gene (BT gene for the toxin)
b) It then is transferred to the cells of the maize plant by a 'gene gun.' 
c) The gene gun fires a tiny golden pellets coated with DNA that contains the BT gene (desired gene)
d) These are then 'fired' directly into young plant tissue
e) The genetically modified tissue can then be grown into new plants 
f) This gives maize the resistance against damage caused by the 
cork borer  larvae

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