Saturday, February 18, 2012

5.13b Hosting recombinant DNA

Describe how plasmids and viruses can act as vectors, which take up pieces of DNA, then
insert this recombinant DNA into other cells.

Vector = transfers the gene eg:into the plasmid 

  • Remove the nucleic acid from the virus to get just the Caspid protein shell 
  • the plasmids are taken up by the virus 
  • the virus acts as a vector of the recombinant DNA - helping us to transfer the DNA into the host cell

  • This type of virus = a PHAGE 
  • it infects bacterial cells
  • the virus is able to attach to cell membrane of the bacteria and insert the recombinant DNA into the host cell. 
  • the bacterial cell now contains the recombinant DNA and the human gene for insulin. 
  • this combination is known as 'Transgenic' 

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