Saturday, February 18, 2012

5.14 Humulin

Understand that large amounts of human insulin can be manufactured from genetically modified bacteria that are grown in a fermenter

1. Bacterial cell transformed by recombinant DNA (with the plasmid DNA combined with the human DNA of the insulin gene.) 

2. A culture of this bacteria (large population) is injected into a fermenter 

Necessities : 

- provide nutrients
- control the temperature  + pH
- control the gases in the fermenting chamber 

Creating  the optimum  temperature for bacterial growth ---> pop will increase + bacteria will manufacture the protein Insulin. 

3. The bacteria will manufacture the insulin protein from the nutrient protein (amino acid) 

4. Then it will be necessary to remove the product --> carry out purification by downstream processing. 

5. The genetically engineered human insulin is called '

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