Sunday, November 6, 2011

2.71 Ultrafiltration

Describe ultrafiltration in the Bowman's capsule and the composition of the glomerular filtrate. 

1. Nephron - carries out the filtration of blood --> filtered blood (clean)
                                                                            --> Urine (waste)
2. Urine is composed of: Water, Salts, and Urea (nitrogen waste - toxic) 

3. Bowman's Capsule: where ultra-filtration begins.
a) Blood arrives in the kidney in the Afferent arteriole - at high pressure - (with a wide blood vessel).
b) Blood passes through the Glomerulus and pases out the Efferent arteriole - (with a narrow blood vessel.)
c) Blood pressure increases in the Glomerulus.
d) High pressure forces the plasma (liquid in blood - water, salts, amino acids, glucose and urea) out of the blood vessel into the inside of the Bowman's Capsule - This is called "Glomerula Filtrate."

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