Sunday, November 20, 2011

2.1 Levels of Organisation

2.1 describe the levels of organisation within organisms: organelles, cells, tissues, organs and systems.
example suing Plant.
1. System: Composed of a group of organs  working together on eg: Plant cell; Reproduction, Photosynthesis, Transport.

2.  Organ:  Group of different Tissues working together.
Leaf: 3 different Functions: Photosynthesis, Gas Exchange and Transpiration.

3. Tissue - Group of cells of the same kind = they have the same shape and function.
eg: Phloem - Cell that transports "sap"
eg: Xylem - Transports water and minerals.
eg: Plaside - Carries out P/S

4. Cells: multicelluler organinisum.
a) In development of the organism, the cell specializes: they switch on genes which change their shape giving the cell a particular function: This is called  Cells differentiation 

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