Friday, January 27, 2012

2.82 Communication

Describe how responses can be controlled by nervous or by hormonal communication and understand the differences between the two systems.

1. Motor Nerve (neurone) (up to a meter long) Links our co-donator/receptor to our effector.

  • has tiny branches at each end
  • and a long fibre to carry the electrical implues/signals from the cell body to the Synaptic Knob (connected to the muscle) 
  • in mammals, the axon is surrounded by a Schwann cell - which contain fat to increase the speed of nerve conduction. 

2. Endocrine System 

Endocrine Gland produces hormones 
  • hormones can be Proteins or Steroids 
  • hormones are secreted into the blood 
  • they arrive at the "Target tissue/organ" 
  • Hormones may have multiple targets and there for multiple effects. 

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