Friday, September 9, 2011

3.9a Male Reproductive System

Recall the structure and function of the male and female reproductive systems.

1. The male reproductive system contains these parts:

Bladder- stores urine
Testes - to carry out the process of "meiosis" which produce gamete sper
Penis - carries sperm cells into the vagina
Epididymis - is the coiled tube system - stores sperm cells
Vas deferens - is a tube - carries sperm cells to the penis during sex
Prostate - adds 20 to 30% of semen - contains sugars + alkalies
Seminal vesicles - add 70% of semen - contains sugars + alkalies (in which the sperm cells can travel)
Urethra - is the common tube which join the left and right testies - takes semen down the testes - carries urine as well.

Shows the bladder, glands, penis, sperm duct, urethra, testis, foreskin and scrotum.

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