Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3.24c Mitosis

Understand that division of a diploid cell by mitosis produces two cells which contain identical sets of chromosomes.

Stages of mitosis
(a) Nucleus of a cell contains the chromosomes.
(b) During the Inter-phase, the chromosomes are copied. Process: DNA replication Result: 2 copies of chromosomes.
(c) Prophase

1. The break down of the nuclear membrane is the first sign of a cell that is entering the process of cell division + mitosis.

2. Chromosomes become visible as a "pair of chromotids" after the membrane breaks down.

Image:Mistosis 1.JPG

3. Metaphase: Cell divsion carries on, and spindles (fibres) form at opposite "poles" of the cell.

Image:Mitosis 2.JPG
4. Anaphase: The chromotids  line up along the center line and begin to be pulled apart by fibers.
Image:Mitosis 3.JPG
5. Telophase:  The nucleus reforms around the chromosomes at each end of the cell resulting in two nuclies.

Image:Mitosis 4.JPG

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