Friday, August 19, 2011

3.14 Chromosomes

Recall that the nucleus of a cell contains chromosomes on which genes are located.

1. The nucleus of a cell contains chromosomes, which carry genetic information in a long molecule called DNA. (the double helix) Different Organisms have different amounts of Chromosomes. (Humans have 46)

2. Genes are regions of DNA that carry the code to control a particular cell activity or the production of a particular protein.

3. Chromosomes work in pairs. Known as homologous pairs. Homologous pairs are paired up by size/shape.  One of the pair you inherit from your father, the other from your mother.

Homologous chromosomes pair during meiosis - the cell division that occurs as part of the creation of gametes (sex cells).
4. The same position/loci on the pair has the same gene (separate versions for one characteristic)

question: I don't understand the role of the locus.

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