Friday, April 1, 2011

3.3a Insect Pollination

Structures of an insect-pollinated flower + Adaptation for pollination:
In process of pollinating flower, there is a transfer of "pollen."
Pollen: contanins the male nuclei + source of protein.
Transferred by: Insects.
Cross pollination: insects take pollen from one flower to another.

They get attracted by signals: brightly colored petals, petal shape, + food reward – pollen &/or nectar, fragrance

Carpel: Female organs of flower:
  • Stigma: collects the pollen from the pollinating insect , & stimulates pollen germination.
  • Style: positions the stigma for effective pollen collection.
  • Ovary: site of fertilisation, protects the developing seeds, aids in seed dispersal.
Stamen: Male organs of flower:
  • Anther: pollen formation & release.
  • Filament: positions the anther for effective pickup of pollen by the pollinating insect.

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