Monday, April 4, 2011

3.3 - Flower structure + pollination

Observation on Lily
Pollination: arrival of pollen at stigma.
diagrams+measurements from lesson:

Measurements    - 1 petal: length              12.6cm width - 4cm
&                          -  number of sepals: 3    number of petals: 6
Appearance         -  scent: yes                    color: pink + white

Stamen (male): forms part of a circle around the carpel.
Carpel (female): is in the center of the flower
Sepal(s): looks like a petal on the lily, but is part of the outside layer
Petal: attracts insects for pollination by colour
Ovary: is where seeds are produced
Filament: supports the anther
Anther: produces pollen
Style:  connects ovary + stigma
Stamens(male): each consist of anther
                                                                                    Stigma: receives pollen

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