Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2.9 Effect of Temperature on the rate of reaction

 Understand how the functioning of enzymes can be affected by changes in temperature

1. a) Increase in temp = increase in average KE of particles. 
increase in average KE of particles = more frequent collisions = more fruitful reactions. 
2. Particles = Substrate and the Enzyme 
 Reaction = E+S ---> ES(complex)--> E + Product formed. 

Low temp = low KE, few complexes formed and product will be formed slowly (slow rate of reaction)
Higher temp = KE of S and E increase --> more complexes formed = more product formed. 
Optimum temp (peak of curve) = rate of reaction declined very quickly because KE changes the shape of the ACTIVE SITE of the enzyme = denatured. (cannot produce any more product).

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